Work away from home

A special offer designed for those who have the opportunity to work remotely, whether alone, as a couple, with 4-legged friends and / or children. Rifugio Lilla offers you the ideal solution to disconnect from the city and continue your work from a unique location; surrounded by the silence and tranquility of the mountains, you will be offered a stay complete with all comforts including a fast internet connection for smartworking. This solution also offers you the possibility to bring children and pets with you that you can entrust to us at any time and that will be followed by personnel with legal authorizations and insurance. Children can follow the distance learning and / or be followed in their homework or be accompanied to sports activities / walks surrounded by nature.
The same goes for your 4-legged friends, it will be a pleasure to take them for a walk while you can continue your call or just relax.

The following packages include accommodation with breakfast, dedicated internet soap, printing service, scanner, parcel and mail delivery and collection, meeting room for quality video conferences, free shuttle service to La Thuile and dog sitting (walk for necessity twice a day in the morning and in the afternoon).

Extra package rates: possibility of half board and full board service with an alternative packed lunch for those who want to take advantage of the open air or delivery to the room for faster lunch breaks;

Special offer availability period: from April and June and from September and November (July and August on request).

Smartworking pack : room for two people in B&B
Stay in B&B, with mini office service and free dog sitting.

1 night - 140€
3 nights - 360€ (120€ al giorno)
7 nights - 560€ (80€ al giorno)
2 weeks - 1000€
3 weeks - 1350€
1 month - 1600€

Smartfamily pack : room for three people in B&B
Stay in B&B, with mini office service, free dog sitting and baby sitting for half a day.

1 night - 215€  (155€ stay - 60€ baby sitting / distance learning)
3 nights - 585€   (120€ + 15€ children + 60€ baby sitting /distance learning)  (children free)
Following days can be adapted to the needs and requirements of the family and the child.

For additional children please contact the reception at 0165 884929

Work & Campus pack : B&B room
Stay in B&B, with mini office service, free dog sitting and baby sitting all day long.

1 week : (120€+15€ x 7 nights) = 1.595€ 
Additional children +15€ room + -50% campus tariff discount.

Weekend (3 nights) between the weekend : 405€ room (3 people 120€ + 15€ child) + 280€ campus =  685€
Additional children +15€ room + -50% campus tariff discount.


Throughout the year (except for high season periods) the Rifugio Lilla hosts various types of "holidays" for children and girls aged 8 to 14.
Different formats will be developed : STANDARD, FOREIGN LANGUAGE and FRIENDS w/ 4PAWS
The service is conditioned by the availability of the structure and the participation of the minimum number of children.


From Friday afternoon to Sunday evening; departure after school, chance of pick up by our shuttle and arrival in La Thuile. Two days full of activities, including food and accommodation, where your children can breathe the fresh mountain air before returning to school. Activities that include, sports and homework but also moments of group play.


From Sunday to Sunday, but also with arrival during the week and departure on Sunday; arrival in La Thuile independently or by organized shuttle. During their stay at the Refuge, your kids can try their hand at new sports, they can take part in cultural trips and more adrenaline-pumping trips such as the adventure park. There is no shortage of time to devote to homework and discovering La Thuile.

For any info write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with subject CAMPUS


Rifugio Lilla aims to be as kids-friendly as possible and for this
reason between our services you can find the babysitting, by going to
the reception or communicating it to us through the appropriate door
hanger, that you will find in the room, you can decide to rely on
professionals in the sector who will be able to entertain your little
ones in the structure or to walk/drive them to their activities.
This service is available only by booking, to be done within 24 hours
from the actual start of the service.

Rates can be found at the reception or by calling the staff

at +39 0165884929.


Here at the Rifugio Lilla everyone is passionate about animals, and for
this reason every pet is admitted and we pay a lot of attention to their
needs. Sometimes it happens that even during a getaway  there are days
in which the owners can’t spent so much time with them, for this reason
we offer services like dog sitting and asylum. By agreeing on the needs
of the little friends at reception, we can take them out for a walk or
take care of them for the whole day, all with the professionalism
certified by the patent obtained for the tasks indicated.
This service is available only by booking, to be made within 24 hours
from the actual start of the service.

Rates can be found at the reception or by calling the staff

at +39 0165884929.


The Rifugio Lilla offers its own vehicle as a shuttle for guests. If you
no longer want to think about using your car during your stay at our
hotel, by going to the reception you can agree with our staff about
times and routes; remaining in the municipality of La Thuile up to Pont
Serrand and La Balme the service is free while for longer journeys
towards Pré-Saint-Didier, Piccolo San Bernardo, Courmayeur, Morgex, etc.
please contact the reception and agree with them also for the rates.

Rates can be found at the reception or by calling the staff

at +39 0165884929.

C.F./P.IVA: 01158060077
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